We are all individual in terms of our genetics and how our genes are expressed depends on our environment, diet and lifestyle. GENES ARE NOT YOUR DESTINY, how you treat them is! Gene expression is switched on and off to reflect changes in our environment and this therefore determines how healthy we are. We can do something about gene expression and therefore approaching health in a holistic way is paramount to achieving client expectations for their health goals. Let me help you with:

  • Dietary assessments to determine variety, balance and nutritional adequacy


  • Food sensitivities - are dietary components making you sick?


  • Assessment of digestive function and microbiome/probiotics


  • Programs for balancing hormones - menopause and andropause


  • Imbalances in neurotransmitters


  • Public speaker/Seminars


  • Body composition analysis


  • Weight loss/management programs


  • Fertility


  • Detoxification protocols


  • Referrals to allied healthcare practitioners


  • Creation and delivery of educational programs


Nutrition Medicine Consulting

Many complex conditions have components that may be seemingly unrelated. By applying the principles of Nutrition Medicine to every case, the majority of health issues whether simple or complex can be positively influenced. Dr Rhona draws on years of experience in biochemistry, genetics and nutrition to identify clues, interpret results, suggest new investigations and help navigate a way forward to better health.

What you may see is:
Fatigue – gut dysfunction – mood disorders – food sensitivities- hormone imbalances – inability to lose weight – skin problems – allergies – cholesterol issues

What we need to know is why by investigating:
Genetics –gut bacteria/function –methylation – detoxification – inflammation – oxidation – toxicity – neurotransmitters – hormones – diet – lifestyle – environment

See blog for a more in depth look at Nutrition Medicine

Genetic Profiling

There are many different profiles to choose, but typically genomic profiling can indicate biochemical vulnerabilities in the following:

Lipid metabolism, Metabolic syndrome and diabetes, inflammation, food sensitivities, polyunsaturated fatty acid metabolism, vitamins, methylation/folate/cofactors, oxidative stress, phase I and II detoxification pathways, weight management, stress responses, autism spectrum genes and oxalate metabolism.

The choice of profile depends on the questions that need answering and will be discussed in relation to your individual case and privacy options.

See blog for a more in depth look at Genetic Profiling

Functional Testing

Due to advancements in technologies and research into functional and integrative medicine there has been an explosion in recent years in our understanding of how specialist testing can help identify underlying causes of many health issues.

There are many in our tool kit, including those to assess gut function, abnormal gut bacteria, toxicity, inflammation, hormones, methylation, nutrients, food allergies/sensitivities.

In addition to standard laboratory testing, some of the commonly used specialised tests to assess patients are:
Gut function – CDSA (complete digestive stool analysis), FMA (faecal microbial analysis), Microbiome (Sequencing of the bacterial genome, Parasitology using DNA technology), breath tests, intestinal permeability tests.
Toxicity – blood, urine, hair mineral and toxic element analysis, urinary porphyrins, toxic elements profiles
Hormones – blood, saliva and urine adrenal and sex steroid hormones and metabolites
Methylation – genetic profiles, plasma methylation profiles
Urine Organic and Amino acids
Red cell fatty acid profiles

See blog for a more in depth look at Functional Testing

Nutrition/Eating Plans

Balanced, individualised eating plans are devised specifically to address your health / wellness goals and based (within reason) on your preferences:

Weight loss/management – cholesterol – blood pressure – skin conditions – food intolerances/allergies – digestive system issues – FODMAP – inflammation – amines – oxalates – salicylates – sulphur – mood disorders – healthy ageing

See blog for a more in depth look at Nutrition/Eating Plans

Research Based

Omega Nutrition Health uses the latest research and best evidence based medicine to investigate the root cause of health problems.


Use of the latest testing in integrative and functional medicine assists in devising personalised plans that specifically address your health issues.


Dr Rhona understands that effective support is an important part of your health journey and ensures ongoing support relationships are maintained.

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