Meet Dr Rhona

Dr Rhona is an integrative health specialist who understands the health challenges faced by many and continually strives to apply the most current research, testing and therapies to her clients.

Omega Nutrition Health was set up by Dr Creegan in 2002 to help people regain their health. The field of personalised, integrative medicine has been gaining momentum in recent years and now Omega Nutrition Health applies this individualised approach to answer complex health questions.

More About Me


Dr Rhona is a published author and a regular speaker at conferences, workshops and educational programs, conducted for both the scientific community and general public.
These seminars cover a wide range of health topics including weight management and risk of diabetes and elevated cholesterol, fatigue, hormone imbalances, gut health, mood disorders, skin conditions and food sensitivities.
Health information seminars and educational material can be written and delivered to suit your specific requirements.
Upcoming Seminars